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    Celebrity chefs Sheen Ricks and Darrell Stokes are '2 Chefs Plus a Pan'

    Chefs Sheen Ricks & Darrell Stokes have been cooking together and managing restaurants for more than two decades. the chefs moved from Virginia Beach, VA to Atlanta to start a new journey to develop their company in one of the most popular metropolitan cities in the country. Since living in Atlanta, the two have collaborated with several nonprofits and donated in food to The Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and Hoops Certified. They have been private caterers for many Atlanta socialites and influencers as well as the Black Ink Crew. They have also had guest TV personality appearances with English celebrity Chef Robert Irvine and been a resident guest on The Dee Armstrong Show for three seasons at WLTZ CW/NBC.


    Now with the release of their cookbook "You Can Do It!" The two hope to inspire more aspiring chefs and everyday people to feel empowered in the kitchen to make great tasting food that has been known to heal and harmonize communities. For chefs Sheen and Darrell, cooking has been a therapeutic event that has helped bring together strangers, friends, and family members, alike.

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  • Recent Events

    Super Bowl VIP Celeb & Athlete Gifting Suite

    ATLANTA, GA - January 2, 2019

    Hosted by the DAVIDOFF FAMILY this years gifting suite is being catered by Atlanta's very own 2 Chefs + A Pan. This event will take place at the Davidoff Social club. This just to get you geared up for the big game... We know that the favorite eats of all football history is wings....buffalo!!!!! This football season change traditional to magnifcent with our CRANBERRY BBQ WINGS... You can find the recipe in our cookbook "YOU CAN DO IT!! VOL I" get yours today and begin to wow your friends and family. Just click the Cookbook tab and start winning in the kitchen!!


    7th Annual Out In The Kitchen, an AGLCC Holiday Affair

    ATLANTA, GA - December 6, 2018

    2 Chefs + A Pan will debut at the 7th Annual Out In The Kitchen, Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce event. This culinary-focused holiday event will feature Atlanta’s premier LGBTQ/allied chefs. Guests will taste delicious samples of their culinary creations alongside colorful tunes and a cash bar.


    The event will feature chefs from a multitude of Atlanta businesses, including 2 Chefs and a Pan, twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, and Bee Wild Honey, among countless others.

    You Can Do It! Charitable Cookbook Signing in Partnership with Kroger

    ATLANTA, GA - September 1, 2018

    Celebrity chefs Sheen Ricks and Darrell Stokes launch their co-authored cookbook, You Can Do It! on September 1 in partnership with the Lindbergh Kroger located at 2452 Morosgo Way, Atlanta, GA 30324 from 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm.


    In collaboration with New York Times, best selling author, JL King and JL King Publishing, the book signing will feature a wine tasting, hors-d'oeuvres presented by Kroger and the chefs. Q&A hosted by nationally acclaimed media maven, Lonnell Williams. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be presented to the Pelagie Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat hunger and poverty with care.

    You Can Do It! cookbook launch Live Concert & After Party

    ATLANTA, GA - September 1, 2018

    The "You Can Do It" book signing took place on September 1 at the Collective Studios/Midtown located at 2195 Defoor Hills Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 from 9 pm - 1 am.


    Hosted by Chef Darrell Stokes with sponsorships from Two Dough Girls, the event will feature platinum-selling songwriter, M'Jestie known for penning hits for Melanie Fiona, Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna as well as Tabitha Duncan, 1/3 of the classic r&b group, Kut Klose.

    QUEEN OF HEARTS New Year's Red Gala

    ATLANTA, GA - December 29, 2018

    The red dress/red tie affair kicked off healthy heart month and reminds all women that we are the Queens of our hearts and of those we love. In the spirit of the event, women are encouraged to don their favorite tiara!

    Proceeds from the event will help fund our heart health education and screening programs, as well as our advance screening scholarships for at-risk women.

    Adorning this wonderful event was a special menu prepared by none other than those awesome celebrity chefs SHEEN & DARRELL STOKES-RICKS. The cuisine highlighted the evening with conversation and fond memeories of great food.


    Frankenstein's New Year's Eve Ball

    ATLANTA, GA - December 31, 2018

    The radical Romatic poet Lord Byron is throwing a New Year's Eve party, and Look who got invited "2 Chefs + A Pan" we mingled with the characters - both real and imagined - at this immersive party experience. As we stepped intoFor one night only, step into Frankenstein and Mary Shelley’s eccentric world of monsters, poets and madmen. A special dining scene was added to the play and the chefs were able to bedazzle both living and shall I say ghastly monsters with a three (3) course gourmet meal. The meal struck the cast and guests as esquisite and unique.


    Love & Basketball Tea / NBA All-Star Weekend

    Charlotte, NC -jFebruary 15, 2019

    First ever empowerment tea taking place during NBA All-Star Weekend on February 15, 2019 is creating buzz in the Charlotte community, as the top NBA Players are descending to the city. The theme is to “to equip young women with business acumen, proper etiquette and plant seeds of self-love & confidence. This tea will give Mothers of NBA Players a chance to be heard. Celebrity Chef Duo, 2 Chefs + A Pan will be providing all the fine fare viddles as well as enthrall the young ladies with a cooking demonstration.




    ***** MMMMMM *****

    Hey there, Foodies.

    Now everyone loves a good pizza, and we must say it really was one of the better tasting pizzas that we have tried since being in the "World City" Atlanta, GA. Being from up north we often spent a lot of time in NYC which is known for great pizza ..and ...Nathan's Hot Dogs.

    What I can tell you is that the flavor of the pizza was good with just the right amount of sauce, cheese and toppings of your choice. And it's true you only need one slice! It was as big as Chef Darrell's face. Though it had its NYC style, the flavor was just almost there, but not quite taking us back to the "Big Apple". What I can say is that the massive slice is great for a romantic pizza date for sharing. However, we recommend that if you are ever in Atlanta make a special trip to get your Big Pie in the Sky.   👍👍👍👍. 

    ***** omg *****

    Hey there, Foodies


    Just on a whym.... Chef Sheen and I decided that we would take our good friend and comedianne MzWallstreet to a birthday dinner. Our choice for the evening was the infamous STK Midtown. We arrived and the valet greeted us at the curb. Mmmmm, so far so good great service before entering a big plus. The atmosphere was very warm and the decor was very modern with a contmporary feel. We had no idea what to do because the host was not at the door so we thought to seat ourselves. As we sat we were asked to come back to the front of the resataurant because they had special seats for celebrities. This was just the beginning of a great evening. The food was just a good as the initial service. The staff was very courteous and very knowledgeable of the menu. Something that we really take strongly into consideration when leaving a tip. one of the best nights in the city that we have had. Make your way to STK ATLANTA for some of the city's best fine dining.


    ****fond memories of home****

    Hey there, Foodies

    Talking about being taken back........We are from up north where everything is big....and the people are rude.

    we walkied in the place and the first thing we get is some smart mouth guy behind the counter being very rude and we had a fit. We went back and forth with this guy for a good minute and was about to leave. He then began to laugh and pointed at the sign on the wall... Telling the customers to be loud and rude like in the NYC. It took me back so now we go just to be rude and get a great sandwich.we went while it was busy, The line was moving fast enough to keep me satisfied and stay in line to get to the good food worth waiting for. The best in the city next to mine of course.....


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